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“In the Matter of...”
October 24, 2018 Jarod Cerf

Joining today: author, essay writer, and advocate for mental health and criminal justice reform, Dave Geiger

Not every life goes according to ‘the plan’: be it God’s, some shadowy conspirator’s, or our own expectations at the time.  We like to think in those moments—when we’re asked to change, to ‘do what’s right’, and revise our plans—that what we see and feel and act upon is irrefutable, or at the least, something we can rely on.  

But what happens, and how do we define ourselves, when our own mind can no longer tell us what’s real—or just a shadow we’ve devised?

In the Matter of Edwin Potter is one man, Dave Geiger’s, attempt to describe what happened when an undiagnosed mental illness devoured his family and life and his journey to find meaning, purpose and value in the aftermath of one terrible night.

- J 

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